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Maryland's Smart Growth Summit

Executive Director Toni Sprenkle and Executive Assistant Jen Peterson were in Annapolis this past week to attend Maryland's Smart Growth Summit held at Crowne Plaza. The ladies of BDC spent the day with legislators, community and municipal leaders, economic development professionals and national experts leading the charge for smart and sustainable growth in our communities. BDC participated in a breakout group and robust discussion to move Maryland in a direction of equity and opportunity for all members of our communities. The goal is to have equal access to homeownership, community resources and business opportunities attainable by everyone. Meeting with legislative members who were engaged and eager to hear from the group in attendance fostered an environment for real conversations to happen about the direction of growth for our state. Toni and Jen were able to contribute ideas and facilitate a collaborative discussion for important topics such as funding for minority business owners, homebuyer assistance that is accessible to all members of a community, planning partnerships that involve actual residents of the community and many more ideas that will hopefully drive the growth of Maryland in an equitable direction, with abundant opportunities for everyone.

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