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MEETING RESCHEDULED: BDC to Unveil Tome School Report at Town Meeting

UPDATE, AUGUST 31, 3016:

The BDC presentation of the Tome School Strategic Plan Report has been rescheduled for September 20, 2016 at the Port Deposit Town Council Meeting. Once presented, the report will be avaialble publically via the "Documents" tab on the BDC website.

UPDATE, AUGUST 16, 2016:

The August 16th Town Council meeting was cancelled. The Tome School report will released during the next open public session. Once presented to the Town Council the BDC will publically release and post the report on our website.

AUGUST 8, 2016:

The BDC, in partnership with Weston Solutions and the U.S. Department of Agriculture Rural Business Development Grant Program, has completed their opportunities and constraints analysis and will be publicly unveiling the Tome School Feasibility Study at the Port Deposit Town Meeting on Tuesday August 16th. This will be the first public sharing of the report.

The opportunities and constraints analysis was a detailed investigation and analysis of the economic, market and real estate data of the region, weighed with the unique opportunities and constraints at the National Historic Tome School (geography, location, environment, historic easement, etc.) to determine the highest and best use of the campus and the buildings.

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