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BDC meets CCU

Toni and Jen were able to meet Erica Berge from Community Connecting Us, a non profit asset based community development organization in Port Deposit. CCU is quickly becoming an integral part of the town providing citizens with a place to share their resources and skills with others. They strive to provide opportunities for community members of any age or need to build relationships and promote education, wellness, creativity and a sense of community. Their facility is located in the Historic Tome Memorial Complex with their main center in Nesbitt Hall. Toni and Jen were thrilled to get a first hand tour from Erica and Ms. Barb. The ties to the Historic Tome School are exciting for BDC, as the stewards of the Tome Campus just up the hill. We were amazed at the history, beauty and charm of the buildings but absolutely astounded by the passion the Erica exudes for helping every member of the community find success,

a sense of well-being and belonging. Her dedication to ensuring the community center is accessible and available to anyone is nothing short of admirable and BDC looks forward to a partnership to make sure that CCU continues to grow to meet the needs of our changing small town.

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