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BDC attends Port Deposit Mural Dedication Ceremony

BDC had the wonderful opportunity to assist local artist Jessica Kehl in bringing a truly magnificent mural to life. Executive Director Toni Sprenkle attended the mural dedication ceremony Saturday, August 19th and added her hand print to the wall.

Attempting to put into words what this mural project has done for the community of Port Deposit is difficult. Volunteering with brush in hand is really the only way to fully capture the transformation of both the mural wall and strangers that became friends; standing next to one another for a few hours sharing a common goal. Neighbors, local government leaders, community and business leaders all uniting together with a solo cup of paint forging friendships, and creating art.

BDC takes great care in being available to our community and truly meeting folks where they are to strengthen our small town. We look forward to the partnerships we've created in Port Deposit to help with future projects that will positivity impact our town.

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