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BDC Receives Federal Grant from the United States Department of Defense for $1million dollars

The BDC is pleased to announce it has received an award of $1,000,000 from the Department of Defense’ Office of Economic Adjustment (OEA) to fund a project to aid in the redevelopment of the former Naval Training Center at Bainbridge (NTCB).

The public was notified in 2008 of the environmental contamination on-site, which has placed hurdles on future development. The general development plan approved in 2005 to create a mixed use community was prepared before knowledge of the contamination.

Additional soil sampling and analysis is necessary in order to understand the potential risks of contamination, determine an appropriate remedial strategy, and reanalyze the development plan. Project tasks include a site characterization, risk assessment, remedial strategy, reuse plan, market analysis and data map. The grant term is September 1, 2016 through August 30, 2017.

In addition to the grant award, the BDC has had other significant events take place during this calendar year, including the completion of the NTCB 5-Year Review, increased prospect interest, and the completion of the Tome School Feasibility Study. The development team, MTPM, has also completed a data center study and conducted geologic investigations to aide in the location and development of specific land uses. Political engagement and involvement in Bainbridge at all levels has experienced tremendous support.

While Bainbridge was selected as a top contender for a manufacturing facility which could have created approximately 135 jobs and $145M in capital investment, the Bainbridge site was not selected due to lack of adequate available infrastructure. The Bainbridge property continues to receive interest from prospects, and it is our priority to work with the appropriate stakeholders to ensure adequate available wastewater.

A feasibility study was completed in July for the Historic Tome School, funded in part through USDA, which reported significant challenges for its redevelopment prospects.

Any questions can be directed to Donna Tapley or Toni Lozzi at 410-378-9200.

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